TIME Magazine Hurls Ultimate Insult at Obama

by Sal on March 8, 2010

in Politics

Mark Halperin at Time Magazine has soured on Obama.  In fact, in a piece this weekend, he hurled the ultimate insult at Obama – that he is similar to the dreaded George W. Bush.  The article compares not necessarily the policies (although there are many differences, Obama has continued many of Bush’s policies that he campaigned against, such as closing Gitmo in the first year, doing away with the Patriot Act, etc.) but on process.  As Ed Morrisey points out, most of Halperin’s points are nonsensical, but he hits one squarely on the head – that Obama has let congress roll over him rather than lead them.  By entrusting so much power to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Obama has effectively put the fate of his Presidency in their hands, and now they are leading him to ruin.

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