The Astroturfing of the “Coffee Party”

by Ryan on March 13, 2010

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I heard a little buzz a few weeks back about some people who are upset with government who want to organize to get this country moving in the right direction by breaking the gridlock in Washington and get our representatives to be more representative.

Sounds great, right?  Kind of sounds like the Tea Party Movement, but you’d be wrong… it’s the fledgling “Coffee Party” movement, which seems to some in the MSM to potentially be “the next big thing.”

But I had to look into this myself.  I’m a Tea Party guy and would like to hear what the potential opposition has to say.

Here goes:  Annabel Park, the founder of the Coffee Party, was apparently upset at the pace of change in Washington due to Republican “obstructionism” (umm… until Scott Brown’s win less than two months ago, the Republicans could do virtually NOTHING to stop ANYTHING in Congress, but I digress) and upset at the angry libertarian tone of the Tea Party, so she set up a Facebook page and got lots of friends.  Of course, we all know that (most of the time) the amount of friends you have on social networking sites is inversely proportional to how cool you actually are, so being popular on Facebook doesn’t impress me.  I needed more to underpin my initial opinion.

Then I saw this: Park herself speaking about the origins of the Coffee Party.

My antennae went up immediately and numerous times during her soft-toned plea, as I’m sure yours did too.  So I dug a little deeper and discovered that (strangely enough) Park worked for BOTH the Jim Webb for Senate campaign and (you knew this was coming) the Obama campaign in 2008!  She’s even had an OpEd published in the Washington Post and has done research for the New York Times!  Uh oh.  That’s that I suppose.

So, is the Coffee Party an honest, open activist movement of a truly grassroots nature, or merely a trendy latte-sipping Leftist “astroturf” campaign from well-placed insurgents within the Obama Nation?  I looked for about ten minutes and got my impression pretty quick:  Coffee Party = Air America, the social movement.

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