Busy Supreme Court News Day!

by Ryan on March 15, 2010

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As it turns out, today was a busy news day regarding the ordinarily quiet SCOTUS.  Usually, without any major decisions coming down, we hardly hear anything from The Nine*.  Here are three recent stories:

First, Butler University is cool with Chief Justice John Roberts attending his niece’s graduation this May, but think Roberts is simply too controversial to actually speak at the commencement.  While Butler is not usually into political commencement speeches (unless you’re Evan Bayh or Mitch Daniels), I think they are blowing a unique opportunity to have a brilliant and classy Justice speak to their Leftist-leaning liberal arts graduates.

Secondly, Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni is going to be open about her support for the Tea Party Movement from her website and lobbying group, Liberty Central.  So, predictably, some Lefties are upset that this will create a conflict of interest for her husband, while at the same time take advantage of the latest SCOTUS decision regarding lobbyist groups.  I think Ginni can do whatever she likes and her husband can recuse himself if necessary.

Finally, it seems like Justice John Paul Stevens is likely to retire before Obama leaves office.  Here’s what he had to say about retiring during the Obama Adminstration:

“I have a great admiration for [Obama], and certainly think he’s capable of picking successfully, you know, doing a good job of filling vacancies…. You can say I will retire within the next three years. I’m sure of that.”

Well, couldn’t he have come to this conclusion to retire two years ago?  Jerk.  But at least he’s leaving, likely to be replaced by an equally liberal rube.  So, it’ll continue to be 5-4 most of the time after he leaves, but at least another old Lib dinosaur moves on.

* I couldn’t resist — ancient, sometimes creepy, can do a lot of damage, they scare people, you can’t seem to ever get rid of them, and all they wear black robes… it just seemed to fit!

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