Bart Stupak, “Baby Killer?”

by Ryan on March 22, 2010

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Here’s the clip from last night’s final debate before the House passed the Obama Care monstrosity:

Go to about 23 seconds.  What do you think was said?

Of course, some House members are calling for an apology from Texas Representative Randy Neugebauer for his alleged statement, which he said was not simply “baby killer,” but rather “it’s a baby killer,” referring to the bill in general.  While having already apologized for the misunderstanding, Dems want the obligatory long drawn-out public flogging of an apology tour.  Fat chance!

Personally, I’d prefer an apology from the 219 members of the House for passing this baby-killing monstrosity in the first place.

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Andrew March 22, 2010 at 3:42 pm

How is this bill a “baby killer,” Ryan? I don’t think you understand this bill.


Andrew March 22, 2010 at 3:44 pm

Also: When a baby dies because its mother didn’t have access to appropriate pre-natal care or obstetrics, what’s that? If this bill saves that baby’s life, does that mean nothing to you?


Andrew March 22, 2010 at 3:49 pm

FACT: This bill does not funnel taxpayer money to abortions, and will not increase the number of abortions. Anyone who wants an abortion will still have one. They’ll write their separate check (because of the insistence of the Bart Stupak’s of the world… and to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that they’re not using taxpayer money), but at the end of the day, they would have gotten the abortion one way or another.

And by the way: Who are you to make someone else’s medical decisions?

Pro-lifers like to pretend that abortion is all about irresponsible sluts not wanting to raise the kids they conceive through their irresponsible whoring. That’s not the true face of abortion. What about the medical decision to end a problem pregnancy? My friend lost her baby at 21 weeks last fall. At 13 weeks, she was told there was no chance the baby would make it to term. Zero chance. She persisted, and yes, delivered stillborn 8 weeks later. Given the chance to do it over again, she would have aborted at 13, and saved herself and the fetus 5 more weeks of misery. Plus, she would have terminated in the safe and sterile environment of a doctor’s office, instead of hemorrhaging in the traumatic environment of her own home, and having to be transported to the ER by ambulance (all of which, while we’re talking about payments, cost WAY more than an abortion).


Paul Williamson March 22, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Why would the President issue an executive order if the bill does not funnel taxpayer money to abortions? Why would Stupak et. al. pretend to object based on abortion funding? Does Andrew know more than Stupak? If he does should Stupak be reelected?


Paul Hibbert April 2, 2010 at 2:57 pm

As long as American Citizens are pitted against each other over issues such as these takes our focus of the real problems. To say that the Healtcare Reform bill won’t provide fedral funding for abortions? You are fooling yourself! Since Congress has been controlled be Democrats since 2006, unemployment, the economy, TARP have done everything to undermind the foundation that this country was founded on.
The politicians have no idea what is in this bill. So Andrew if they do not know what is in this bill, how do you? The way the bill is written the wording of funded abortion will not be obvious. It will be an earmark to a different passage that will hide the real meaning. Do not use blind-faith with these people. They could care less about the “common man”! This is all about power and tyranny. As an American Citizen you have the right and freedom to embrace the rebuilding of America. Just be sure these politicians are not leading you off a cliff.
Since the 1930′s Progressive politicans have done everything in their power to turn America into a third-world country! Communism, Marxism, Progressiveism does not work!


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