The Death of ACORN

by Sal on March 23, 2010

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In a bit of good news following the passage of socialized medicine, ACORN has decided to close its doors for good.  It seems that they’ve been in financial trouble ever since the videos surfaced showing ACORN staffers advocating for child prostitution.  I wonder why people wouldn’t want to give to an organization like that?

The death of ACORN has huge potential implications for the upcoming elections.  The fraud-laden voter registration drives run by ACORN will be no more, as will the community organizing for liberal causes.  The ACORN affordable housing wing, which is a separate organization in structure, will remain, although they will not be involved in any voter activities, only in continuing to destroy the housing market by working to place people in homes they can’t afford.

The media is going through a period of mourning over the loss of ACORN, writing stories about how evil, nasty conservatives are responsible for the death of such a reputable organization.  AFter all, the child prostitution videos must have been taken out of context.  Of course they were!  Why, ACORN is made up of community organizers, and our President is the community organizer-in-chief!  How could such a noble profession do such a thing?  They were simply misunderstood.

So while our health care system begins to be remade into socialism-based rationed care, we can take solace in the fact that we now have one less obstacle this November in taking back our country.  With ACORN gone, the Democrats lose a major source of voter fraud.  While I’m sure they have others, this is at the very least a fairly major blow to their already bleak electoral chances.

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TESS March 23, 2010 at 7:47 pm

Re your questin above. I just read that the SEIU (OBAMA’s
favorite unions) want to take over all the 401K monies for
the country. They claim they have a better idea for this
type of savings.
When you think about it, didn’t Andy Stern spend more time
visiting OBAMA than anyone else. They had to have
something interesting to talk about. The SEIU comment
was reported in one of today’s freeper postings but I do not
remember the heading.

Since I am an old woman and have no forum it might be
wise if you people could find this, and post it! Give our
good people a chance to think about it.

thank you.


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