The Canadian Coulter Controversy

by Ryan on March 24, 2010

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Annie C is at it again, this time stoking up controversy and demonstrating once again that it is soooo ridiculously easy to get under the skin of insecure and intolerant Liberals.  Libs hate it when you call them out, plus they simply lack the capacity to take a joke!  Ann Coulter is great at needling them because she doesn’t accept the weak premises of many Lib arguments, nor bow to their sense of victimhood entitlement.  If Dagny Taggart was a lawyer, her name would be Ann.

So, of course, she was barred from freely speaking at the University of Ottawa (that’s in Canada to those of you with a public school education) because of the potential for student unrest.  I went to college back in the day and it was probably the least tolerant place I ever lived, so I’m not surprised that some whiny Canadian welfare-state college brats and their university vice-presidents can’t handle the free exchange of ideas.  I’m also not surprised that a sophomoric Muslim student at University of Western Ontario tried to get Coulter to retract some of Ann’s previous statements on Muslims and had it shot back in her face:

That’s what you get when you try to take the moral high-ground by flaunting your victimhood entitlement status around Ann Coulter (here’s the whole exchange).  I guess those with strong Conservative views like Ann Coulter’s will continue to sit in the proverbial back of the Canadian bus.  Let’s see if the University of Calgary lets her speak her mind and not be shouted down or warned about inflammatory speech.

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