Hare on the Constitution

by Ryan on April 2, 2010

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John Adams once said that we should have “a government of laws and not of men.”  Also, remember that “Justice” is represented by a statue of a blindfolded chick in a toga holding scales.  So, if justice sees no race, no wealth, no privilege and our system is one tied together by deliberated laws and not mob-rule, then try explaining the philosophy behind Illinois Representative Phil Hare’s comments Wednesday about ObamaCare:

I first saw this clip on Fox News this morning, then read more about it on Hot Air.  Hare articulates the true problem with the Progressive Left in this country:  there is no limit to the government’s scope and power as long as that action is deemed to be what they believe is best for society.  Heartstrings here, bleeding hearts there, but don’t worry about the Constitution.  Notice his vague appeal to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (wrong document, by the way).

I wonder if Hare has even read the Constitution.  Even if he hasn’t, I’m sure he knows all about the good and welfare clause!   To explain the actions of this Congress, it makes more sense if we simplify the Constitution the way our Liberal Progressive friends have been looking at it lately:

We the People in Congress, for the general welfare, do what’s necessary and proper for the good and welfare of all those making under $250,000 (for now).  Sign here:

I’m sure the above video will be used to make Hare’s opponents’ next five or six campaign commercials and (one hopes) that his tenure in Congress is nearing its end.

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