NCAA Men’s Final Four Down to Two

by Ryan on April 4, 2010

in Pop Culture,Sports

So much for my Kansas/Kentucky Final!

Last night it was determined that the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship will see the Butler Bulldogs facing off against the Duke Blue Devils.  Butler is the underdog and Cinderella team of the tournament this year (if you really consider a #5 seed Cinderella-like).  I had them losing to Vanderbilt pretty early, so what do I know?  I do like the way they play, though — very defensive oriented, keeping the scoring low and the game interesting.  However, Duke beat up on Big East Champs West Virginia last night who couldn’t find any answer to anything Duke was dishing.  So if I had to bet money on the national final I’d pick Duke.  But, we may never see Butler this far again, so I’m rooting for the underdog this time.

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