Rep. Cohen’s Big Time Tea Party Insults

by Ryan on April 5, 2010

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Tennessee Democrat Representative Steve Cohen is sure to really get under the skin of the Tea Party Nation with this ridiculous interview with the Young Turks last week:

Jeez!  Why all the hatin’ on the Tea Party?  I do appreciate the honesty that Cohen displays on this talk show.  He obviously felt comfortable enough to be speak his mind freely:  “robes and hoods”?  John McCain looking like a POW behind Sarah Palin?  The Tea Party as racist, homophobic George Wallace clones?  Priceless!

It’s so ridiculous it’s funny (sense of humor is a foreign concept for Libs, generally, so they probably wouldn’t get how funny Cohen sounds at times)!  Either Steve Cohen is on the run from the guys with the white suits and crazy-person nets, he’s repeating ridiculous talking points for political purposes, or he really believes this.  In a sense, by being so radical he’s doing nothing to help his cause beyond cow-towing to the one-handed-typist Liberal basement blogger vote, but in another sense he invigorates those of us who want to throw people like him out of office in November.  I’ll be looking forward to the follow-up interview.

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