Why Covering Pre-existing Conditions Doesn’t Work

by Sal on April 6, 2010

in Health Care,Politics

As a resident of Massachusetts, we’ve seen a preview of what ObamaCare has to offer carried out right here in our own state – it’s one of the reasons that Scott Brown was elected to the Senate, as we know here that government-run medicine is a disaster.  One of the major selling points of ObamaCare that actually has bi-partisan support is banning the practice of refusing to cover patients for pre-existing conditions.  I mean, it’s  not fair that someone who has a pre-existing condition can’t get health insurance, right?  Well human nature being what it is, people in Massachusetts are starting to game the system.  It seems that thousands of people in Massachusetts are signing up for health plans when they get an illness, obtain the benefits, and then dropping their coverage soon after (the “fine” for not having health insurance is far cheaper than most insurance plans).  This is having the effect of driving up the cost of medicine and health insurance for everybody else.

Check out Michael Graham’s blog post on the subject.  He mentions that and also the fact that insurance companies are starting to lose money because the state is preventing them from raising their premiums in the face of these new added costs.  Look out, America, this wonderful health care system is coming soon to your life.

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