Do You Pay Income Tax? Half of US Households Don’t!

by Ryan on April 7, 2010

in Economy,Politics

What a gyp!  According to the latest reports from the Tax Policy Center (a Brookings Institute underling), a massive 47% of American households do NOT pay federal income tax because they either make too little income or are eligible for nullifying tax-credits!

We all pay taxes in one form or another:  53% of us pay federal income tax, others pay sales taxes, excise taxes, various state or even city taxes, property taxes, “payroll” taxes on Social Security and Medicare, etc.

So, what’s wrong with so many Americans not paying federal income taxes?  Shouldn’t someone like me, a conservative, be cool with that?

No, not at all.

Think about the threshold we are soon approaching:  the Feds get roughly $900 billion in Federal income tax each year, but just under half of the people pay nothing into that fund.  Hence, those who don’t pay have no true stake in what the government spends our money on.  If they have no stake, then what’s to prevent the masses from voting themselves entitlements and goodies at the expense of those who are successful and wealthy?  That is the making of truly ugly European-style class warfare, which for most of our history we have graciously avoided.

If we are to have an income tax, then in my view the fairest way to tax is through a flat tax:  everyone pays and has a stake.  We’d all be government watchdogs!

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