The Banning of Internships

by Sal on April 8, 2010

in Economy,Politics

In what is yet another anti-business measure enacted in the midst of the greatest economic recession in 30 years, the Obama Administration now sees fit to ban unpaid internships.  Internships are a good way for young, inexperienced students to get an edge up, gain some experience, and perhaps get a job.  It benefits the employer by providing no-cost labor (albeit inexperienced labor) for a few hours a week for a short duration of time.  Yet now, the Government wants to ban that practice because of fair wage laws.  What right does the federal government have if a private individual and a private corporation enter into a mutually-agreed business arrangement?  What will the government deign to ban next?

On another note, I am sure that Bill Clinton is not going to be too happy with this news.

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