Note to Self: Don’t Put Jokes Wishing for the Death of My Governor in Official Memos

by Ryan on April 10, 2010

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I think the title says it all.

In New Jersey, the Bergen County Education Association President Joseph Coppola passed this joke along in an official email to some 17,000 members:

“Dear lord, this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor.”


What’s funny is that about a week ago I got the exact same chain email from a friend with minor differences:  it was about a our current President being his/her favorite.  I thought it was a weak joke so I didn’t even forward it.  Well, as we all know Libs have no sense of humor, so with a few changes one actually thought this joke was funny enough to send to 17,000 members of their organization!

Obviously, the local press was going to get a hold of this, especially in New Jersey’s current belligerent atmosphere between the teacher’s unions and Governor Christie.  I think this is really being blown out of proportion in our hyper-sensitive political environment, but nonetheless you simply don’t send these things out through official channels in such a fashion in such times.  It’s just dumb and illustrates just where the teacher’s unions and the Governor are in the current New Jersey budget battle: Christie is winning.

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