Exposing the “Crash the Tea Party” Guru

by Ryan on April 15, 2010

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The “Crash the Tea Party” founder has had his own party crashed:  he’s Jason Levin (not sure if he’s related to Mark), an Oregon middle school teacher.  Figures.  He’s a media specialist who apparently hasn’t “heard of Google” as some have joked!

So why is he in trouble?  As a teacher, myself, I know full well not to do any blogging, e-Bay/Amazon, or sending of wacky emails on the public dime at work — you’re just looking for trouble as NOTHING is private on a government computer.  Here’s what Levin’s school has to say about that very issue:

The district’s electronic communications system shall be used for educational purposes consistent with the district’s mission, priorities and beliefs. Educational purposes do not include commercial use, use for personal financial gain or political advocacy.

So, if Mr. Levin, Media Specialist, had been using the school’s computers for his anti-Tea Party activism (aka “political advocacy”), he could be in a heap of… well, you know.  State law requires an investigation, so Mr. Levin might suddenly have a new perspective on the unemployment situation and the need for personal responsibility in this country.

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