Obama Administration: the Tea Party Should Love Me Too

by Ryan on April 19, 2010

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Why not?  Right? We all love Obama, and the Tea Party should too!  Just ignore your principles.

Apparently, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner had to let us all know on Meet the Press yesterday that Obama has done more to cut spending than Bush did (let’s just not consider the $787 billion stimulus slush fund and the largest new entitlement program since the 1960s… but why let numbers get in the way of someone trying to weasel his way into triangulating a ridiculous point on national TV!).  Also, Geithner continued that having so many people concerned about spending is a good thing, since so many people didn’t have these complaints when Bush was doing it.  Plus, the Tea Party should appreciate that and the Stimulus tax cuts.

First, no one is defending Bush.  Second, any plan to woo the Tea Party without a major policy shift in the right direction is condescending.  People had been upset about spending while Bush was president, but even so, we didn’t have the reckless abandon of government spending that began from TARP through the latest VAT scheme.

Personally, I don’t want to be told who I “should” like or what “my best interest” is by people ruining my future.  Sorry, DNC, I’m not saying “thank you” for that, but I am noticing your new attitude toward your enemies.  Nice try, but I think it’ll be as short-lived as it is half-assed.

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