Obama Heckled at Boxer Rally

by Ryan on April 20, 2010

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Imagine if President Obama was giving a campaign speech on behalf of Senator Barbara Boxer and a few Tea Partiers heckled him on-and-off for about six minutes or so.  Big story, right?  Well, that didn’t really happen… a few pro-gay activists at the Boxer rally did that instead!

Here it is:  I’m sure the media coverage would be different if it were Tea Partiers being so rude!  I hate playing this game because it always starts and ends the same way.

Well, here’s the full clip:

WARNINGthis clip is pretty long so if you’re not careful, you might catch that “hopey-changey” fever.  No cure has yet arisen for those infected.

If you were able to stomach Obama for the entire video you’d have noticed a few things, most notably that he ridicules the hecklers for being ignorant of his policy position.  Bush and Clinton used to either ignore the rude types or give the standard “Don’t you love free speech in America, chuckle chuckle smile” or something like that.  Not Obama — he takes things personally and lets you know about it.  What a terrible message to send to those (Left or Right) who dislike your policies!  This could get fun toward November!

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