ACORN’s Latest “Bowel Movement”

by Ryan on April 22, 2010

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In case you were wondering, ACORN is still in the tank after the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up pimp scandal last year, but their CEO Bertha Lewis is in the news once again.  This time she refers to the Tea Party Movement as a “bowel movement!”  Her audience was (no shock here) the Young Democratic Socialists.  Here’s the clip:

Beck made a big deal about ACORN last year, but those episodes got me watching ESPN’s “Around the Horn” and “PTI” instead.  Beck’s shows were important, but very redundant.  However, this story made me laugh — McCarthyism, Internment, Jim Crow?  All of them are coming back against the socialists, huh?  Let socialism be “imprisoned” by its own faulty logic and relegated to the young skulls-full-of-mush susceptible to the pipe dreams of their ex-hippie radical college professors still trying to stay relevant.

They say gambling is for people bad at math; socialism is for people bad at history.

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