SEC Caught Overseeing Too Much

by Ryan on April 23, 2010

in Economy,Stupid government

Imagine you could go to work, get through a simple firewall, and get to check out hard-core pornography on the people’s dime everyday.  If that’s you’re dream job, then the SEC is the place for you!

This one is too easy.

The SEC says these charges are a few years old, but isn’t that when the shady things were happening on Wall Street?  So when it really mattered, the government’s market watchdog agency was busy watching other people having a better time at work than they were.

I’m sure that somewhere in this mess there’s the answer to solving the current economic crisis:  perhaps passing new laws which would mount a whole new layer of bureaucracy in place to dominate discipline the SEC’s staff of one-handed typists;  perhaps merely a new probe is needed (I’m sure Congress would love to see that);  perhaps a more “open” investigation would help ease all the tension;  perhaps the agency should pay more attention to all the “under the table” behavior of those trying to cheat the system;  perhaps in these difficult times the SEC should take a new position which is more comfortable for everyone…

….like firing all those involved!

Sorry for the cheek, but how can one resist!  Soberly, though, this story is another one of an out-of-control government screwing the taxpayer and investors once again.  I think we’re at a point where reforming this system would be more difficult than scraping it and starting from scratch.

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