Arizona Gets Serious About the Border

by Ryan on April 24, 2010

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Yesterday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a piece of legislation which would give police more powers to fight illegal immigration in the embattled border state.

Of course, there’s some controversy:  the law actually takes the uber-Draconian step of actually making it illegal to be in this country (ready for it) illegally!  Sweet Jesus, what have we come to!

Predictably, President Obama is not cool with it and rambled on about legal immigration as if the two were the same.  It seems to be the modus operandi of the Left to lump all kinds of immigration together and equally, when the reality is quite different.  They continue to view this issue as a political one where posturing to get future votes takes precedence over the true national security nature of this issue:  hence, the completely partisan vote in the Arizona Senate.  All the calls of potential “racial profiling” fail to take into consideration whether or not a law is being broken — another example of the Left’s focus on identity politics versus the rule of law.

Innocent Americans are frightened and even dying in Arizona because of the federal government’s inaction on the border.  The Feds aren’t doing their job, so Arizona felt compelled to step into the void.  The Feds either don’t fully grasp the problems on our Mexican border or they don’t care.  Seventeen percent of border-crossers caught in Arizona ALREADY have an American criminal record!  At that point, I’d be for armed guard towers and shoot-to-kill orders, sending every “coyote” they find to Gitmo (on second thought, at Club Gitmo they’d be pampered with their own room, three squares a day and a soccer ball in the prison yard if they behave)!

With all the talk about the fairness and rights given to illegals, I think American citizens’ rights should take precedence in America over those whose first act on our soil is to break our laws.  True fairness is getting in line like everyone else.

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