Holder to Investigate Arizona Immigration Law

by Ryan on April 27, 2010

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Amidst the cries of “racism,” “Nazi,” and “racial profiling” Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to investigate whether or not the new Arizona immigration law causing so much to-do is legal.

Just to mess with our Liberal friends, Beck brought up an interesting point this evening:  part of the Arizona law indicates that if one is pulled over and there is reasonable suspicion, one’s ID or legal status may need to be presented for verification.  Apparently, that’s Nazi-like.  However, under Obama Care, a hospital may ask anyone for proof of insurance.  If the person can’t or simply doesn’t have insurance, they may face a financial penalty.  It seems like showing one’s “papers” in that case is OK and does not require a potential Justice Department investigation.

Think about the intellectual inconsistency coming out of the Holder Justice Department for a minute.  Showing one’s “papers” at the liquor store upon reasonable suspicion of being underage is also OK (asked for at a restaurant with the right waitress may also increase her tip!).  Getting pulled over for a broken taillight requires the cops to ask for one’s “papers” (ID, registration, and proof of insurance), but that’s OK too.  People are required to show their “papers” all the time, but in those cases profiling and asking for one to present accurate identification is OK.

A little perspective would be nice from time to time — these illegals are breaking the law and asking for one’s “papers” is not unusual or even uncalled-for in this instance.

By the way, is hearing “Nazi” being yelled by a shrill Leftist every three seconds getting old to anyone else?

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