The Great Ukrainian Egg Toss of 2010

by Mike on April 27, 2010

in Europe,International Relations,Politics,Russia

Liberals often complain about the tone of political discourse here in America whenever the people turn against them, but if liberals want to see some ugly discourse, they should take a look at the Ukraine.  During a recent meeting of Ukrainian Parliament, opposition politicians disrupted a debate by throwing eggs and smoke bombs at government politicians as they tried to pass a treaty with Russia under which the Ukraine will lease a naval base to the Russians.  Now I don’t condone throwing eggs during Parliament meetings.  The tactic is counterproductive and is best left to sissy Code Pink types frustrated during Republican Administrations.  That said, I think the opposition’s unease is well-founded.

Ukraine suffered under the tyranny of a Russian-based empire as recently as 1989 and there are plenty of people still alive who remember when Stalin created a man-made famine in the country.  Couple that history with Russia’s recent adventurous attitude in another of their former satellites and it’s easy to see why Ukrainians would be uneasy about leasing Ukrainian territory to Russia.

Believe me.  I know how frustrating it is when your leaders show a soft spot for your country’s enemies while snubbing its allies.   And Ukrainians are currently experiencing that themselves, but the opposition should rethink its strategy.  Throwing eggs just gets you nowhere.

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