Charlie Crist (I)

by Ryan on April 28, 2010

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Many saw this coming, but regardless Florida’s Republican Governor Charlie Crist is likely to decide tomorrow in a press conference scheduled for 5pm to run as an Independent in this year’s Florida Senate race.  Currently trailing Republican Marco Rubio by at least 30-points in the primary, Crist is apparently planning to jump ship, dump the party and run as an independent.  Crist has until Friday to report his party affiliation and recent polling indicates he’d have a shot as an independent.

First of all, if he does it Charlie Crist should return ALL of the money he received from any Republican who wants it back.  Fat chance!  Even if he’s an “Independent” Republican he’s obviously trying to play spoiler: not cool and disrespectful.  The Republicans should abandon him — a few wimps won’t, the conservatives will, and a big part of the middle with put their fingers in the air and see how the wind’s blowing.

However, the Republicans are already on record being wimps in this election — they supported Crist over Rubio early on because of appearance and politics, not because of philosophy.  The party won’t last long with that attitude; they’d be egging the Tea Party to run its own candidates in future elections!  Crist also welcomed the “Obama-Bucks” stimulus package with open arms.  That should be enough for any Republican to stay with Rubio.  Crist represents the problem with the party, not its future.

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