Gordon Brown Labours to Stop Making an Ass of Himself

by Mike on April 28, 2010

in Election 2010,UK Politics

The British General election campaign kicked into high gear during my self-imposed blogging sabbatical during which I left everyone with the blogging of Sal and Ryan.  Awesome though they are, they’re just not as interested in British politics as I am so the blog suffered on that front.  Mea culpa.  So much happened in the British election campaign during my absence that I didn’t know where to start.  Rather than typing an all encompassing post that would rival “War and Peace” in terms of length, I figured I’d write a series of posts dealing with the issues in Britain one by one.  Let’s start with the most obvious.  Gordon Brown’s Labour Party is in deep trouble.

Labour was always going to have an uphill climb this year due to Brown’s woeful performance as Prime Minister.  However, his performance as election time party leader has transformed the prospect of defeat into the prospect of disaster.  On the campaign’s first day, a spontaneous moment of support for Labour was exposed as a fraud.  Then the party grew desperate and published an ad telling voters that a vote against Labour is a vote in favor of cancer.  Today, the Prime Minster topped all other gaffes after he had a conversation with a Labour voter, then got into what he thought was the privacy of his car and called the woman a bigot without realizing that he was still wearing a hot microphone.  Now, he has spent the rest of his day apologizing.

The question now is whether the Conservative Party will win a majority of seats or whether there will be a hung parliament.  No poll shows Labour retaining its majority and some polls even show the Prime Minister’s party in third place.  Due to some quirks in the electoral system, Labour may be the largest party on May 7 but there is no way Brown remains Prime Minister without some sort of corrupt bargain.

UPDATE: Video added.

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