SUV Tries to Blow Up Times Square

by Ryan on May 2, 2010

in The Iraq Front,War on Terror

Yesterday, New York City’s Times Square was closed down for 10 hours while police and investigators dismantled a bomb which failed to detonate within a Nissan Pathfinder, which was parked on the street.  Damn SUVs!  Aside from veering off the road at will, aiming at granny, and pushing children through the windshield for fun, could it be that SUVs are now getting involved in domestic terrorism?  I suppose it was just a matter of time.

That’s how the story would have sounded if this were the late 1990s.

Unfortunately we’re in a different world today.  Although we don’t know who did this, we’re damn lucky that the bomb failed to detonate.  Mayor Bloomberg called the bomb “amateurish,” but nonetheless securing soft-targets like Times Square or the public transit system is very difficult, especially when we’ve lowered our guard in recent years.  Couple that with a lot of public discontent, high unemployment, a weak administration, along with the publicity these stories often get, and unfortunately this won’t be the last story of its kind.  We still live in dangerous times.

Here’s a news clip on the story:

UPDATE:  Though there’s no hard evidence to support this claim, Pakistani Taliban have apparently claimed responsibility for trying to blow up Times Square as revenge for the recent killing of one of their leaders by US forces in Iraq.

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