Drill Baby Drill? Maybe Not Anymore

by Ryan on May 3, 2010

in Economy,Media Bias,Natural Disasters,Politics

Given the cover of the big oil spill in the Gulf Coast, I believe that it isn’t going to take long for the Obama Administration to conclude that their anemic offshore drilling policy is just to risky to continue.  The Administration is already throwing BP under the bus as cover for the government’s inaction.  BP may not be completely clean in all this, but the way the Administration is attacking them gets me suspicious.  Nonetheless, the Governator has already bent to California’s environmentalist pressure, while Rick Perry is warning not to overreact (OK, the California model versus the Texas model… hmm… no-brainer there!).

The one thing I fear is that the longer this stays in the news, the more publicity damage it does to the offshore drilling industry, which would be fine with the Obama Nation’s environmentalist droogs.

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