Times Square Bomber Apprehended

by Ryan on May 4, 2010

in War on Terror

If this were the 1990s, the first paragraph of the news story template might sound something like this.  But today, that story’s template would sound something like this:  a male from a Muslim country between the ages of 18 and 30 tries to blow up a crowded area in a city.

In the Obama Nation it would sound like this:  a 30 year old and recent naturalized American citizen (as of April 9, 2009) of Pakistani descent was one of the suspects in the search for the failed Times Square bombing attacker and put on the no-fly list, then suddenly ended up on a plane bound for Dubai anyway.

Well, that’s what happened.

Here’s a quick news summary:

Faisal Shahzad was apprehended on that flight, then subsequently admitted he was the perp they were looking for.  It only took the Holder Justice Department three days to call this a “terrorist” related incident, which is an improvement from Fort Hood and the Underwear Bomber.  Shahzad is being charged as a terrorist (whatever that means anymore) and trying to cause mass destruction.  Just imagine how frequent incidents like this would be if the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trials were held in NYC.

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