Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice?

by Ryan on May 10, 2010

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Elena Kagan.

What can I say?  At least Harriet Miers seemed like a pleasant lady, despite the thin resume!  The President’s next pick for the Supreme Court is a woman (I wonder if she’s a typical white person), Elena Kagan, who’s never written an opinion, nor has ever been a judge.  Yet, the Left is buzzing that her lack of experience is somehow a “plus” and totally different than Miers somehow.

Same hypocrisy, different day.

I guess not knowing anything about being a judge is fine for the Left, since being on SCOTUS is more like a legislative extension to them anyway.  Recently, though, Nixon appointees Lewis Powell and William Rehnquist had not been judges either.  Powell acted merely as kind of a placeholder for the 15 years he was on the court, so moderate he likely would have voted “present” most of the time if that was an option.  Rehnquist was a decent man and a pretty good justice — we lucked out with him and once he left, we got Roberts as Chief Justice.

Yet, I’m pretty sure Obama hasn’t selected Kagan to be a placeholder, a moderate with little experience and nerve, like Powell.  Dick Durbin has said:

“President Obama said he wanted someone on the high court who understood the impact of the law on average Americans, and I believe the depth and breadth of Ms. Kagan’s will allow her that perspective.”

Touchy-feely hopey-changey law, hug-filled lollipop law, sensitive Liberal law understood by “average Americans.”  While Kagan may not be a “wise Latina,” I have a feeling she won’t be a thoughtful unbiased open-minded moderate either.  We’ll see how this unfolds in front of the Senate in the coming months.

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