China Should Ban Knives

by Ryan on May 12, 2010

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What is up with China?  Scouring the Internet today, I picked up on this story from Xinhua News via CNN about a man who went into a school, chopped up two teachers with a knife and hacked five boys and two girls to death before going home and killing himself.  Eleven others were wounded; there were only 20 kids at that school!

OK, China has about 1.4 billion people — someone’s going to crack from time to time, but get this:  on April 30 a man barged into a preschool with a hammer, grabbed a few kids, poured some gasoline, and set himself and the classroom on fire; on April 29 someone injured 28 kids in a Kindergarten with a knife; on April 28, eighteen kids and a teacher were attacked by a knife-wielding psycho.

The Chinese press is blaming these attacks on “copycats” who were trying to mimic a community doctor’s killing of eight students by knife in March.  The press reported it, so people were trying to copy.  While the copycat phenomenon does exist, I can’t help but think something else might be up, like “This will [conveniently] show the Chinese people why the government must continue to censor the media.”  The fact that this story even got out amazes me — it has to have a political purpose.

This isn’t like the slew of school shootings we had here in America back in the 1990s:  those were mostly student-on-student and done with guns.  Knifing someone to death is a much more personal act than shooting wildly into a crowd from the bushes.  Could it be a cultural thing?

So, after China clamps down on their dangerous media stories, I think they should ban knives.  Knives are obviously too dangerous.  I mean, kids are being killed for goodness sake!  For shame, China, for shame — you and your pro-knife policies!  But, come to think of it, that might not work… in fact that might not work at all.

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