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by Mike on May 12, 2010

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David Cameron became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom yesterday after being asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form a government.  He is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the youngest Prime Minister in two centuries.  Cameron replacing Gordon Brown is undoubtedly welcome news and although most small “c” conservatives are in celebration mode, many are still a little leery of the incoming government.

Part of that is based on the fact that Cameron is leading a coalition government with the left-of-center Liberal Democrat Party.  In theory, the LibDems are an anti-American party that believes in activist government.  In reality, it is a schizophrenic party that includes some politicians who believe in free markets.  In fact, the LibDems have already convinced the Conservatives to drop the idea of increasing NHS spending.  The LibDems also seem to realize that they are the junior partner in the Con-Lib coalition.  For this reason, the Conservatives may still be able to push through some of their agenda.

Which leads to the second reason for small “c” conservative leeriness.  What exactly is the Conservative agenda under Cameron?  The Prime Minister has given the impression over the years that he may not share the worldview of most of those who voted for him.  Since becoming leader of the Conservative Party leader, Cameron has sought to re-brand the party’s image by emphasizing a “green” agenda, vacillating on tax cuts and Britain’s role in Europe, and softening his rhetoric on certain segments of British society (i.e. “hug a hoodie“).

On the other hand, there are signs that Cameron may share conservatives’ concerns.  During the campaign that just ended, Cameron criticized Gordon Brown for not understanding the difference between the economy and the government (Ronald Reagan often made the same point).  He also supported the idea of a government that refuses to reward people for being lazy, supported keeping Britain’s trident submarine, opposed Britain joining the Euro, and opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The jury is still out on David Cameron himself and how his party will interact with the Liberal Democrats.  One thing is clear however.  Gordon Brown was an atrocious leader addicted to spending other people’s money and running his country into the ground.  A lamp post would have been an improvement.  No conservative should be faulted for wanting to pay close attention to what their Prime Minister is up to.  However, they should also count their blessings.  We know what Brown did for you.

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