U.N. Official: Israel in Gaza Worse than Nazi Camps

by Mike on May 14, 2010

in International Relations,Israel,War on Terror

The civilized world should be grateful for the moral clarity and leadership coming out of the United Nations.  Take Ali Abdussalam Treki, President of the United Nations General Assembly, who recently claimed in an interview on Syrian television that the Israeli “siege in Gaza” was worse than the Nazi camps of the past.  Of course it difficult to imagine anything more evil than the old Nazi practice of splitting families apart, sending them to forced labor camps while underfeeding them, and then shoving them into ovens or gas chambers after their productivity decreases.  If such evil exists, it is imperative that the world be put on notice.  Thanks to Mr. Treki’s interview, the world now knows and can say “never again.”

Obviously I’m being sarcastic.  It is extremely difficult to find more zealous apologists for evil than the scumbags in the U.N.  The U.N. is an institution that lines its pockets with dirty money from bloodthirsty dictators, rewards nations that redefine the term “wife beater” with spots on human rights commissions and uses its platform to harshly condemn democratic nations’ responses to terrorism rather than the terrorists themselves.  I have no doubt that Treki actually believes what flew out of his mouth.  But that’s only because he probably shares this chick’s view of “the Jewish problem.”

Why are we in the U.N. again?  And why are they taking up that valuable real estate on the east side of Manhattan?

Hat tip for the video: The Anchoress

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