Chris Christie Gets “Confrontational” and Scores Big

by Ryan on May 15, 2010

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Every intellectually honest person in America realizes that there is a left-leaning (or sometimes straight-up leftist) bias in our news media when taken as a whole.  Rarely, though, does a high profile Republican take the media to task the way the “confrontational” (or, perhaps, “honest and refreshing”) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did in a news conference the other day:

While definitely refreshing and spot-on regarding many issues, I’m not going to call Christie “Ronald Reagan” as some have.  In his attempt to reestablish more local control over education (a conservative point of view), he’s using a top-down approach which dictates how local districts should act in multiple ways (a liberal point of view), using state aid as both carrot and stick.  It’s not a results-oriented approach to funding, it’s government dictation bypassing local authority for a one-size-fits-all state mandate which local districts are not in a financial position to reject.  Massachusetts and California tried this approach in the past and it ruined their public education system for decades.  Revenue-generation reforms are needed to truly fix this issue and Christie hasn’t yet proposed any to solve that long-term problem.

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Mike May 15, 2010 at 12:29 pm

What sort of top down solutions is Christie proposing? If they’re something along the lines of requiring teachers to pay for some of their own health care to save money at the state level, then the top down solution would actually be a conservative point of view. What position do the liberal teacher unions in NJ take on Christie’s top down approach?


Steve May 24, 2010 at 12:03 pm

Well,here we go again conservatives I hate to bring religion into it,but the Catholic Church is clamoring to lay their hands on public funds eventhough it is unconstitutional.Christie is their champion,by the way a Catholic,who probably sends his kids to Catholic Schools.I am Jewish and know their has been a lot going on in the Jewish Department ie Madoff,many in involved in illegal practices,but their is no place for any of that.Christie says the public schools are failing,the public schools are as good as the community.Throwing more money into failing schools is a waste.Until these communities clean up their act no improvement is going to happen.I’ll bet you 90% of the Catholics voted for Christie.Remember Europe was primarily Catholic what happened there.New Jersey has a serious budget crisis Christie is doing some decent things,but attacking the public schools is counterproductive.Being an astute politician he knows teachers did not vote for him,so what does he care about them.I predict he will be a one term Governor,then hopefully we will go in the right direction


Jacki Cook June 3, 2010 at 11:08 am

I PRAY we get a Chris Christie not only in Tennessee but in the White House and many in Congress as well! To ask teachers, or any group for that matter, to help pay for their own benefits and to freeze wages for a short time in order to SAVE jobs is not asking too much, but the greedy and spoiled union continues to expect the rest of us to foot the bill with our tax dollars. It stops now. Lose your jobs by being stubborn and selfish and see how much sympathy or support you get!


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