America: Burn, Baby, Burn?

by Ryan on May 16, 2010

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So says Demosthenes at the American Thinker.  In the latest piece reflecting a plethora of “pessimism porn” out there, Demosthenes seems to infer that current trends, our own history and today’s reality in this current economic crisis can only lead to collapse here in America:  to quote the article’s title, “Let It Burn,” because from the ashes some system will emerge which will work.  What America will look like when that happens is anyone’s guess, but one day it will — it will have to.

Right now, Demosthenes argues, we’re all addicts (about which I completely agree):  the government is addicted to money and power, while the people are addicted to goodies and less personal responsibility.  They feed off each other.  Because of this, our current crisis cannot end well since addicts need to hit rock-bottom before they can truly seek help and try to recover.

Think about this:  in mid-1985 would your average Soviet citizen have felt that their exciting young leader would institute programs which would quickly snowball into a near-complete economic collapse, the ruining their empire both externally and internally, and truly convulsing their way of life in numerous ways all by Christmas 1991?  No.

Also, look at the issues taking place regarding the euro and Germany’s role in Europe.  Who knows where that’s going to lead or how quickly the eurozone could collapse?  All we in America need is the international community to truly lose faith in the dollar and suddenly, without warning, we’re sunk fast.  The speed at which these things happen is what takes everyone by surprise.  So, while no one likes to think much about it, Demosthenes brings up an uncomfortable truth that will help us hedge our debts in a coming collapse, should it happen:  we in America have an addiction, we must admit to that, and try to take appropriate action because as time goes on our options will narrow.

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