Perfectly “OK” on Illegal Immigration

by Ryan on May 17, 2010

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Last evening Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard was asked a question about Arizona’s new illegal immigration law and answered in the following manner:

Some believe that this answer may have cost Woolard the crown, since she ended up being runner-up to Miss Michigan Rima Fakih.  Fakih almost tripped on her gown at one point in the evening, so in a tight race anything could have made the difference.

Woolard, while obviously smart and beautiful, could have lost for multiple reasons.  I did not watch the pageant, so I can’t speak to the strengths or weaknesses of the contestants.  However, since the MSM does seem content with characterizing the Arizona law wrongly and attacking anyone who supports it, I also can’t write-off the accusation either.  While I love hearing an intelligent answer on the border based on a states-rights argument, I also have a thing for brunettes (just not ones who feel this way about birth control).  That makes up my mind!

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joe gately May 18, 2010 at 8:41 am

I believe that politics should play no part in the questioning of the contestents. What I think has no bering on this matter, as I do believe that it is cut and dried as who will win. If you were going just for the beauty part of the show ,Miss oklahoma had it hands down over miss Michigan. I am not happy because I think it is a fraud. case closed . Keep up the good work Michelle. as ever Joe Gately


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