The Worldwide Anti-Arizona Tour Continues

by Ryan on May 19, 2010

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It’s happened twice in the past week:  the Obama Administration has spoken negatively about the “troubling” Arizona illegal immigration law overseas at America’s expense.

First, the Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner spoke to the Chinese behind closed doors about the new law.  Here’s what Bill O’Reilly had to say about that in his Talking Points on Monday.  O’Reilly is completely right — moral relativism between a law that mimics an already wimpy federal statute on the border and the totalitarian police-state reaction the Chinese have to those who cross their borders is absolutely ridiculous.  Alas, the Obama Nation staying true to its tolerance of totalitarian thought while making America look like the bad guy continues unabated.

Today, however, the Obama Nation wasn’t quite done being ridiculous.  Teaming up with his buddy Mexican President Calderon, Obama slammed the Arizona law while persisting to lie about what is in it.  Calderon seemed to be getting his talking points from the Democrat Party, plus he advocated for borders which “unite us instead of dividing us” (my bold).  That’s kind of scary, especially these days with a president like Obama being within earshot.  Isn’t the point of borders to divide one political entity from another?

By the way, to Mr. Calderon: what’s current Mexican law on illegally crossing Mexico’s borders?  Oh yeah, crossing the borders illegally is a felony in Mexico, which could lead to two years in jail, or ten years if you come back.  Plus, Mexicans who assist illegals are considered criminals too.  It sounds like the policy of a sensible country looking to secure their own territorial integrity while trying to grab some of ours while their at it.  Calderon has no credibility speaking about Arizona’s law, and until President Obama actually reads the law, neither does he.

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