Guess Who’s Marching in Trenton!

by Ryan on May 22, 2010

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Today, May 22, was selected as the day on which the New Jersey Education Association planned to have a rally in Trenton to show Chris Christie how upset they are about the proposed pension changes.  I, of course, as a reluctant member of that increasingly pointless union was cordially invited — they were even providing bus transportation and had ready-made signs for their rent-a-mob!

I wasn’t going to go anyway since, not being a shill or troglodyte, I can absolutely see where Christie is coming from with the pension cuts… even though I’m a public school teacher!  Shocking, I know! I’m not ready to anoint Christie to Olympus, but I get it on the pension.

However, something I saw on Glenn Beck a few weeks ago got me thinking.  The show featured a segment on how “community organizations” and straight-up Marxist/socialist groups were piggy-backing on “education” rallies out in California to get their socialist message some free airtime.  So, I did about five minutes worth of scouring the Internet and found a few groups also involved with today’s rally in Trenton:

The NJEA is supporting the rally and sending members to Trenton, of course.  But for some reason, so is NOW-NJ (National Organization of Women-NJ Chapter); women’s issues, I guess.  Also, so is the Communication Workers of America, a “Union for the Information Age” — how clever. Check out their site (notice all the red); they want to piggy-back their message at the rally to complain about broader budget cuts.

Here’s the real kicker:  this isn’t an NJEA rally at all!  The NJEA has decided to itself piggy-back their rally on one sponsored by New Jersey Citizen Action, who describe themselves this way:

Through organizing campaigns that promote economic, social, racial and political justice, NJCA encourages the active involvement of New Jersey residents in challenging the public and private institutions and agencies that impact our lives. [emphasis added]

There is it:  “social justice”.  They also call on all “community organizations” to endorse the May 22 rally!  Of course they would.  Here’s a short list:

Garden State Equality, Health Professionals and Allied Employees, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, NAACP New Brunswick Area Branch, New Jersey Education Association, New Jersey Policy Perspective, New Jersey Working Families Alliance, Professional Firefighters, Take Back Trenton Coalition, and United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW).

Why do I hear boots clicking and red flags fluttering in my head?  Oh, but make sure to wear “red, white and blue” at the rally.

It took me five freakin’ minutes to find out that this rally is really a platform by multiple socialist progressives to use each other to push a broader socialist agenda under the guise of “concerned” citizens.  It wasn’t even hard to dig this up, but once I scratched the surface it became quite clear that what’s happening in Trenton today has less to do with Chris Christie and more to do with pushing socialism in the Obama Nation.

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Robbins Mitchell May 22, 2010 at 11:50 am

Well,Ryan,if I were you<I wouldn't say anything about this to your fellow pedagogues come Monday….they're just liable to banish you from the faculty lounge for 'intellectual treason' or some such.


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