The BP Oil Spill was Not Bush’s Fault

by Ryan on May 26, 2010

in Comedy,Media Bias,Nature,Politics

Yesterday, the soon-to-be former Senator Chris Dodd from Connecticut (phew!), finally blamed the BP Gulf oil spill on George W. Bush.  Check the video at about 1:20 or so for the good stuff.

Honestly, I was beginning to wonder what was taking them so long!

But, truth be told, Dodd’s all wrong:  Bush has a Hurricane Machine, not an Oil Spill Machine!  Like, duh, everybody knows that!

I don’t know about these Democrats –  purposely misleading the American people into thinking that Bush has in his possession the Oil Spill Machine, which was clearly handed back to his Halliburton masters after he left office.  If you’ll recall, Karl Rove had an Earthquake Machine, which can also cause tsunamis.  Halliburton wouldn’t let Rove play with the Oil Spill machine… it would look too suspicious.  So, if anything, Dodd should be blaming Halliburton or at least by extension, Dick Cheney.

So, in sum:  Senator Dodd, please get your “facts” straight before you go on Imus — you’re embarrassing us all.

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