Obama on Sestak: “Nothing Improper Took Place”

by Ryan on May 27, 2010

in Election 2010,Law,Politics

So said President Obama during a press conference earlier today:

So, of course, we believe him wholeheartedly.  However, there’s just one thing:  Sestak admits that he was offered a job in exchange for getting out of the recent Pennsylvania primary against Benedict Arlen Specter.  Sestak didn’t get out, but the offer was made nonetheless.  That’s kind of illegal because it’s a form of bribery:  you do this favor for us and we’ll use the power of our office to hook you up.  Before January 20, 2009, it would have been different, but in power this kind of offer very well could have been a crime.

The Obama Nation could answer these specific allegations quickly, but he needs his lawyers to mull it over… but “nothing improper took place.”  At least he wasn’t wagging his finger.

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