Israelis Shoot Violent Protesters

by Ryan on June 1, 2010

in International Relations,Israel,Media Bias,Politics,War on Terror

How do you know that Israel probably did the right thing by firing at and killing protesters on a ship bound for Gaza?  That’s easy — the complete anti-Israeli knee-jerk reaction, with the international press practically pushing each other aside to be the first to condemn Israel!  This same “Blame Israel First” crowd was out early and often mostly ignoring the fact that weapons are smuggled into Gaza through these flotillas; hence, the reason they must be boarded (with Egyptian help, I might add).  Jeez, if the press showed this much energy when real terrorists attack, there might some hope for them… fat chance, though!

In case you missed it, here’s a video of the incident seen from above and here’s a view from the side.

Even the Israeli government thinks that the response to the violence was a bit strong, but it’s not apologetic, anonymously promising to use more force if these activists try it again.  And, yes, there’s already another protester-filled flotilla on the way!

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