Bush Would “Do It Again”

by Ryan on June 3, 2010

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Sometimes I miss Dubya.  Yeah, his speech delivery made me wince a lot, and yes his “compassionate conservatism” sounded a lot like watered-down liberalism in retrospect, and yes the “Ownership Society” of universal home-ownership contributed to (he wasn’t alone in all that) the biggest economic bubble in human history, but I do miss the other stuff:  the 47 months of economic growth, the safely low tax rates, and the aggressive stance on terrorism.

Yesterday, in a rare appearance lately, Bush spoke to the Economic Club of Grand Rapids, Michiganistan.  During the speech he made a few great points:  first, he’d waterboard those terrorist bastards all over again if it would save lives;  also, he did not back away from his decision to oust Saddam;  plus, he’s not going to get into the trenches criticizing President Obama the same way Jimmah Carter wrecked on Bush;  and he was straight-forward about how his religious faith has enhanced his life.

I respect all of those things about Bush, even if I disagreed with him on other things.  Who wants to be President on 9/11?  Really.  Who wants to be in office during the trial-and-error of the largest military reorganization since 1947?  Right.  I do tend to give Bush some breaks on the foreign policy stuff.  At least when he gave a speech about America, I actually believed he liked this country.  I can’t say that about Barry — to borrow a Beck-ism, it’s like saying, “Though we’ve had some tough times baby, you know I love you and everything you’re about.  That’s why I want to fundamentally transform you.”  Huh?  I never got that vibe from Dubya.

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