Poll: Oil Spill Becoming Obama’s Katrina

by Ryan on June 7, 2010

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I want to stay consistent on this point:  Obama did not cause the oil spill, it was Dick Cheney using Halliburton’s Oil Spill Machine that did it — duh! (you have to say “duh” in this case with that ditsy and annoying upward inflection)

That being said, when you’re President you get praise when things go well and get trashed when they don’t.  And even though the press is in love with Obama, eventually things balance out over time.

I don’t usually trust MSM polls because they notoriously lean Left or have a poor sampling.  If that’s the case, then Obama’s in real trouble because in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll 69% disapprove of the way the federal government is handling the spill.  Historically unfortunate for Obama, only 62% were upset with the feds in the aftermath of Katrina in the same poll!  Sure, 81% of the people polled are upset with BP and 64% want criminal charges, but you’d expect that given the nature of the crisis.

When this crisis fades BP will fade too, but Obama will remain, permanently damaged by his sloth-like approach to this economic and environmental disaster.

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