Salazar’s Silence on BP Role

by Ryan on June 10, 2010

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Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is showing himself to be royally incompetent in Gulf Oil Spill fiasco, now entering its 52nd day.  Salazar had to apologize in front of a Senate committee today because he misrepresented the “experts” involved in crafting a report about the spill.  Of course, the report’s conclusion was to ban offshore drilling, but it turns out that the experts didn’t mean that at all!  Oops.

But here’s the fun part of the testimony.  You can watch the whole clip for build-up, but at 2:25 Senator Richard Burr asks Salazar if BP ever refused what the government has asked of them to this point:

That’s a really really really awkward 10 seconds Salazar remains silent.  In another video I caught today, one sees Salazar’s face during those moments and it’s very tough to stomach!  Salazar’s apology coupled with that pregnant pause (which could mean BP gets some political cover at the expense of the Obama Nation) shows that though the administration wants to politicize this crisis against BP, the facts and their behavior tell a different story.

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