Chris Christie Gets It on the Unions

by Ryan on June 11, 2010

in New Jersey,Politics

A few weeks ago I uncovered the truth behind the NJEA rally which took place on May 22 against the proposed budget cuts Chris Christie has suggested to the New Jersey State Legislature.  It wasn’t an NJEA rally alone — every Marxist, socialist, statist organization/union in the state converged to demand the goodies they were promised remain untouched during this economic crisis.

As a reluctant member of the NJEA, I was predictably deceived about the rally, which was truly organized by New Jersey Citizen Action, a progressive group interested in “social and political justice” — code for redistributive socialism.  That blatant deception bothers me greatly.  Few in my union understand and it has been difficult around work this year as my own district is dealing with teacher contract issues.

However, I did find someone who gets it on why being a union member frustrates me most of the time!  It happens to be the supposed devil himself, Governor Chris Christie, who’s somewhere between Hitler and Satan if you spend five minutes in a NJ faculty room.  Tell me how what he is saying does NOT make sense:

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