Let’s Party Like Its 1776: USA vs. England at the World Cup

by Mike on June 12, 2010

in Sports

The 2010 World Cup kicked off yesterday in South Africa, but today is the day we here in America start to really follow the event.  Later today, our United States national team begins its World Cup campaign against our transatlantic cousins from England.  The English are as always fired up about their team, and I’m happy to say there is a good amount of buzz on this side of buzz for country that doesn’t care much about soccer.  That’s right my English friends, I said soccer.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of British comedy and I’m happy to say that the pre-match hype is causing many of our English friends to deliver large doses of unintentional funny.  Check out the comment section to this post over at Conservative Home.  According to them, we Americans are arrogant cultural imperialists who always think we’re right.  Putting aside the fact that everyone who ever makes an argument of any kind only does so because they think they’re right, what our English friends don’t seem to realize is that their comments, directed at citizens of a nation who once overthrew British colonial rule, project the very arrogance they hypocritically whine about.  What a bunch of bell ends.

I am well aware of the fact that most of our country doesn’t even care about soccer.  Nevertheless, I always root for my country to win at the World Cup and will be rooting for our side to go all the way precisely because our country doesn’t care about soccer.  Nothing would go up the backside of anti-American snobs around the world than the world’s only superpower winning a competition we couldn’t care less about.

Seriously though, we should be under no illusions that a World Cup win is likely.  Chances are we won’t even win today though I hope we do.  My approach to the World Cup is to root for the USA until we are eliminated and then I root for England.  After all my favorite soccer team, West Ham United, is based in London.  And that isn’t superficial.  Two members of this website follow EPL every week and thoroughly enjoyed taking in a match at Upton Park.   We’re not like the effete American liberals who all of sudden pretend to enjoy Cameroon’s style of “football” every four years.

Good luck to both teams at the World Cup, but today GO USA!

Hat tip on the video to Conservative Home.

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