Obama’s Oily Malaise Speech

by Ryan on June 16, 2010

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I’m not sure how much of Obama’s speech last night you could stomach, but just in case you want to read it here’s a transcript.  I agree with those who thought he looked small in front of the Oval Office backdrop.  As Rush said earlier today on his radio show, Obama looked like a man “playing President.”  Nothing new here.

The major problem was that about one-third of the speech was an attempt to politicize the spill by pushing a “green” agenda at an inappropriate time — kind of like when he gave a “shout-out” (around the one-minute mark) while addressing the Fort Hood Massacre.  Poor.  Very poor.  Grow up.  The people in the Gulf region (some of whom are very tense at this point) don’t want to hear about “the costs associated with this transition” to a green energy economy, they want the tar balls beating against their shores to go away!

Even the Left wasn’t happy with the speech.  When even Chris “Thrill-Going-Up-My-Leg” Matthews says that he didn’t “sense executive command” from the President, you know it was bad!

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