General McChrystal in the Crosshairs

by Ryan on June 22, 2010

in Culture,Politics,War on Terror

In this week’s Rolling Stone, General Stanley McChrystal who’s our main general in Afghanistan and his aides said a number of unflattering things about the Obama Administration.  In the profile, many things were apparently said which illustrate McChrystal’s disappointment with the lack of Obama Nation preparedness, the undercutting Ambassador Eikenberry has partaken in, the arbitrary July 2011 deadline for troop withdrawal among other things.  Legitimate gripes… for a retired armchair general, not for the go-to man in the field.

This developing story is a simple one and complicated one all at once:  simple because in the military, gripes go up –  that’s that, end of story;  complicated because McChrystal was hand-picked by the Obama team to take on the responsibility of turning the tide in Afghanistan.  McChrystal is competent, well-respected, understands the situation, asked for more help (he received less than what he asked for), and has formed a positive relationship with our guy in Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai.  That can’t be completely overlooked given the delicate situation on the ground over there.

So, McChrystal has been summoned to Washington to 1) answer for his behavior, and 2) take the focus away from the BP oil spill and segue into any other statist legislative plans Obama has ready to push.  The White House will probably hyperventilate over this issue:  McChrystal is not Douglas MacArthur, but just wait for it — the comparisons likely will be made shortly.

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Sal June 23, 2010 at 10:07 am

I am one who thinks that for the military to function properly, the chain of command has to be maintained. Military personnel, especially high-ranking military personnel, are not supposed to criticize the Commander-in-Chief, no matter how much of an idiot said CofC is. McChrystal showed poor judgment in giving the issue (to Rolling Stone of all rags), and if he was fired, I wouldn’t fault the administration. I think Obama’s military policies are short-sighted and dangerous, but Constitutionally he is the Commander-in-Chief, and discipline in the military is critical for its ability to function.

As I was finishing this comment, I noticed that it was announced that McChrystal would NOT be fired. That being said, it looks like Obama showed some good judgment here as well (credit where credit is due) in not firing McChrystal. The mission is paramount, and Ryan’s points regarding McChrystal are certainly valid.


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