USA Exits World Cup in 2-1 Loss to Ghana

by Ryan on June 26, 2010

in International Relations,Sports

Yup, you read it — Ghana!

Losing in extra-time 2-1 to Ghana (?!), the United States’ brief quadrennial flirtation with that dirty third-world sport we call soccer will soon wane until the 2014 World Cup, or until the Ladies can win some gold in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games (one of the members of the US Women’s national soccer team was a student in my study hall back when she was in high school!).

Today’s game was entertaining, but the fundamental problem with the US team was essentially why we lost today — we almost always give the other team a quick stupid goal within the first 15 minutes.  So, fittingly it was in the sixth minute today!  Ghana didn’t score again in the remaining 84-minutes.  However, starting in extra-time Ghana scored quickly once again and that made the difference.  Our fatal flaw spelled our doom.

That being said, the USA did have some interesting games, great comebacks and probably did inspire more interest in soccer to the American public… or not, we’ll see if ABC/ESPN’s ratings crash now that the US is out!

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