“Tanning Tax” in Full Effect

by Ryan on July 1, 2010

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In order to support ObamaCare, two branches of our government agreed that a 10% tax on tanning services at tanning salons was sooooo necessary that it needed to be enforced by the power of law beginning today, July 1.  The government feels that over ten years this tax will generate $2.7 billion in new revenue for ObamaCare.  Of course those numbers are completely ridiculous and would put nearly every salon out of business in ten years if the numbers proved true.

Some have even ventured to call this a “Caucasian tax” because this tax will disproportionately hit light-skinned people.  Apparently, this tax was put in place in exchange for leaving botox immune from a special tax… hmm.

Some of those upset are Jersey Shore‘s own Snooki, who was not happy with having to spray on her tan to save money, and others who refer to this travesty as the “Snooki Tax.”

So whether one calls it the tanning tax, Caucasian tax, or the Snooki Tax, it won’t raise the needed revenue for a simple basic economic principle:  if you want less of something, tax it.

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