Cavs’ Owner Whines About Lebron

by Ryan on July 9, 2010

in Sports

In an hour of the absolute most advertiser-driven waste-of-your-time hype-fest nonsense, last night ESPN aired live Lebron James’ choice of his new team, the Miami Heat.  Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers because Lebron actually wants to win a championship one day, the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert was not happy.  Gilbert ripped Lebron in an open letter to the fans calling the move a “bitterly disappointing … cowardly betrayal,” and a “shocking act of disloyalty from our home grown ‘chosen one’”.

“Disloyalty” in an era of free agency?  Gimme a break!  Get a little more talent around Lebron and he’d already have a few championships!  But the Cavs didn’t, so Lebron is going to a team which has more talent and have won a championship in recent years.  Plus, Gilbert should be upset at salary caps and the mega-hype he’s encouraged by allowing and embracing the marketing of Lebron to reach ridiculous proportions.

Was there any reasonable person in Cleveland who actually though Lebron would stay?  This is ridiculous public whining and posturing by an owner to a fan base who should be less mad at Lebron’s reasonable decision and more angry at the management who couldn’t keep him.

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Bram July 9, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Waaa! My employee fulfilled his contract and left for another job! Traitor!


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