Obama Nation: Firing Illegals, Not Arresting Them

by Ryan on July 10, 2010

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Amazingly, the New York Times reported a trend happening in the Obama Administration regarding illegal aliens employed throughout the nation — punishing the businesses who hire them, while letting the other law-breakers go.  These “silent raids” target business through employee audits, fining the businesses, but by-and-large leaving the other perp (the illegal alien) to remain merely fired, not deported unless they have an existing criminal record.

This is liberal/progressive “social justice” at it again — selectively applying the law in favor of one group over another.  It’s illegal to hire aliens, but it’s also illegal to enter this country illegally.  I agree that businesses who hire illegals should be nailed for this, but that the aliens themselves who also broke the law should be rounded up and deported accordingly.

Otherwise clean records or not, they’ve still broken the law, are outside the system, could endanger themselves or others, and have have demonstrated a lack of respect for that rule of law — a fundamental concept of what it means to be an American… but that’s right, they aren’t Americans.

Well, not yet anyway.

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