Britain — USA Run Away from NHS!

by Ryan on July 11, 2010

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President Obama recess appointed a straight-up welfare state redistributionist to handle Medicare and Medicaid, Donald Berwick, despite the fact that no one was holding up the confirmation process.  Obama was obviously hiding Berwick, not willing to give Republicans the opportunity to legitimately bash this guy’s radical point of view in public.  As the saying goes: “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.”  If so, we have a rather dirty crew in DC.

But this thoughtful article from the UK Telegraph points out that Berwick is all wrong with what he likes about Britain’s NHS (National Health Service).  Like sentiments on the American right, the article points out that while Europe is running away from a state-run solution, America is careening straight for it at America’s own peril!  Here’s one point:

“Dr Berwick professes a love (which he describes in ecstatic terms that will have a tragicomic ring to most British ears) of just those evils of a national health system with which we are exasperated: the calculated rationing of treatment, and the ruthless enforcement of uniform cost limits, which often puts the most advanced medication and procedures out of reach of patients whose lives might have been extended or transformed by them.”

But, Mr. Obama is smitten and has put Berwick in charge until the next Congress.  Frankly, none of this makes much sense to we Americans either.  Here’s a video analogizing where our health care system is likely headed — it’s presciently informative.

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